Meet SarahBee

Meet SarahBee

I’m Sarah Brockwell and I founded sarahBee marketing in 2010 on a budget of £250.00. I am passionate about business.

At sarahBee marketing we like to keep things simple. Our clients love our no-nonsense approach. So here’s the buzz about sarahBee marketing:

  • Since we started in 2010, we’ve won six business awards for helping over 1000 businesses do better.
  • sarahBee marketing is a member of The Consortium – which gives our clients direct access to the very best business and marketing experts in the region.
  • We understand that no two businesses are the same.   We can support large, small, niche, family businesses, manufacturers, exporters, importers, B2B, B2C, start-ups, scale-ups and so on.
  • We’re able to give both strategic support (big picture stuff) as well as creating tactical campaigns (projects that will deliver results).

Sometimes our professional fees can be subsidised or paid for by local authorities or the public sector (see free stuff)

We’ve been featured by the BBC, The Guardian, The Independent, Huffington Post, Essex Life, The Daily Express and many more.

We’ve even been bigged-up by Rt. Hon. David Cameron, MP, Jaqueline Gould, Lord Alan Sugar, Jamie Oliver at Home and Mary Portas’ High Street campaign.

What are you waiting for? Give us a buzz.

sarahBee marketing can help your business do better